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Why a Branding Headshot could help your business

So how does a branding headshots help your business? In a world where we are constantly bombarded with marketing (TV, Facebook, the internet, etc.) a strong personal brand is one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself in your market.  For example, are you a small business owner?  Consider how many other businesses like yours (retail, real estate, insurance, law office, etc.) are in your city. How do you stand out? What makes you different? Why should they trust you? […]

Franctal Studio Wall Display

Looking good for family portraits

Looking good for family portraits is as important as scheduling your session. Hey there! Now that we’re all set with scheduling your portrait session and deciding how to display your portraits using our heirloom and archival products, it’s time to think about how to look for the session. I said “how to look” rather than ”what to wear” because what to wear is just one part of what your outlook should be for your portraits. Let’s go straight to the […]