An Exclusive Portrait Experience designed for Couples who want to RE-IGNITE, RE-CONNECT AND REFRESH their SPARK. It’s time to celebrate your beautiful relationship.

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“Love is a beautiful thing, and it’s a privilege to witness the connection and devotion between two people in a committed relationship. As you grow together, you find yourselves caught up in the daily grind and busyness of life. THIS IS FOR YOU – if you desire to rekindle the flame of your love and celebrate your union in a meaningful and lasting way.

Whether you’ve been together for 1 month or 40 years, this is an opportunity for you to step out of your everyday routine and focus on one another. You can dress up, have fun, and truly appreciate the love you share. 

Your Experience will include:

❤️Styling + Concept Consultation to Plan out every detail of your session

❤️ Access to our studio wardrobe of couture robes, dresses and glam outfits

❤️ Professional Hairstyling & Makeup Artistry, so you can look and feel your best

❤️Be our celebrity for one day: we will guide you with posing every step of the way; plan for multiple outfit changes

❤️ A private ordering session to choose and order your favourite photographs.

How often do you take a day to just celebrate your love?

We will capture candid moments of laughter and tenderness, making it possible for you to relive those memories for years to come. This isn’t just about taking pretty pictures. It’s about capturing the essence of your love and connection. It’s about freezing time and preserving the memories of their love story. The images will serve as a reminder of the promises they made to each other, the joys you’ve shared and the laughter that brought you closer.

what others are saying

I have never liked myself in photos, so when I saw this opportunity, I realized I needed to jump out of my comfort zone. If Caroline had photographed others who weren’t photogenic, then perhaps she could capture my personality and inner beauty. She did not disappoint. From the first moment I met Caroline, she was warm, friendly and accepting. I instantly felt at ease with her. The photo shoot was amazing! It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything just for me. From hair and make-up to my favourite playlist to awkward poses, Wow, I wasn’t expecting to like any of them (because of me, not because of her talent). I finally narrowed it down to 8 exquisite photos which perfectly capture my essence. I highly recommend Franctal Studio.

- Kathy S.

I wanted a variety of photos taken. I hate photos, I don’t know how to smile, I was never comfortable with my body, especially not infront of a camera. From the initial call, Caroline was friendly and explained step by step of how the process works. She was thorough and never pushy. We picked out outfits for the shoot and gave me suggestions of what to wear and bring for the photo shoot.  All throughout the process, Caroline was patient and encouraging. She even had my playlist in the background. I never felt so comfortable and confident infront of a camera. And it showed in the photos. I told Caroline, I would never have believed those pictures were of me, i hardly recognized myself! Thats how great they turned out. I’ve recommended the studio to my family and friends. You should try it out. You’ll feel like the queen you really are. The best gift to yourself!

Lourdes K.

I had such an amazing experience doing a photo shoot with Franctal Studio! Caroline was wonderful, she walked me through every step of the process before the shoot, and offered so much advice on how I could prepare to look my best and feel the most comfortable on the day. The actual shoot was so much fun! We laughed a ton, and Caroline made me feel gorgeous! I would highly recommend booking a shoot as a gift to yourself or to a loved one! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Rachel B.

My experience with Franctal Studio was top notch. Right from the moment I was introduced to Caroline, the experience was personalized, professional and transparent. After brief telephone conversation, we scheduled a Consultation where every detail about my personalized needs were discussed and planned. I couldn’t wait to get to our session date! Fast forward to session date, the entire experience was designed around me and my needs. From hair and makeup, to the laughs and fun experience! It was my first studio session in many years, to sat I was nervous is an understatement. Caroline and team quickly helped me relax and enjoy my time in studio. The end result, beautiful curated images of me!!

Anjali M.

I had so much fun during my session. Spending an hour in hair and makeup really helped me relax. Caroline’s instructions for how to pose were so clear, and once I warmed up a little, I had a blast! I have my favourite portrait on my bedside table, where I can see it every morning when I wake up. It simply makes me feel confident and beautiful. I wanted the photos to capture my vitality and excitement about this next phase of my life, and Caroline did that perfectly. Age is just a number—when I look at my gorgeous portraits, I don’t feel any age at all, I just feel like my best self. Thank you, Caroline, for such a tremendous experience!

Kim D.