Looking good for family portraits is as important as scheduling your session.

Hey there!

Now that we’re all set with scheduling your portrait session and deciding how to display your portraits using our heirloom and archival products, it’s time to think about how to look for the session. I said “how to look” rather than ”what to wear” because what to wear is just one part of what your outlook should be for your portraits.

Let’s go straight to the point(s). This going to be a lot of dos and don’ts:

  1. Don’t show up wearing your work or mummy jeans. I know we’re documenting your present moments and you’ll love to see what you looked like now, in the future. But don’t forget that you need your future self to thank you. Except this is a lifestyle documentary session, then you should be wearing your best outfits. While you don’t have to go all out shopping for this, sometimes it is necessary and that’s ok. Launder that shirt with some extra fragrance so that you’re smelling and feeling good with yourself.
  2. Don’t neglect your hair. Hair often follows movement and there’s plenty of that during a portrait session. But we want your hair looking graceful and less susceptible to frequent movement. We also want to make sure that we are not spending all the time trying to remove strands of hair from your eyes or patting down your hair to stay in place. So, moisturize your hair prior to the session, add some sheen with oil or your favorite products. When light falls on a well-moisturized hair, it accentuates your outlook beautifully.
  3. Matching colors are awesome but complementing colors are even better. Not every member of your family is exactly a fan of black shirt on blue jeans. Sometimes, their best outfits are just not in those exact order. Forcing everyone to wear “a uniform” they may already not be pleased with is a recipe for disliking the portraits from the session. So, to be safe, select complementary colors and find the perfect combination for each person. Check out these links for suggestions: here and here.
  1. Professional make up is recommended but that’s optional. Here’s what is important: you should moisturize their face, apply foundation to even out skin tones, cover blemishes and reduce sheen on your skin. You should also highlight your eyes and parts of your face that you think will flatter you.
  1. Get plenty of rest before your session. It will help everyone to be very relaxed and happy. It shows in your portraits. Let your little one(s) also get a lot of rest and make sure they are well fed before the session; we want to keep them happy and not cranky. It’s ok to bring along some snacks for the session as well.

Finally, you are certainly going to have an awesome time at our session together. Don’t stress the little things; great portraits are created in the moment. Don’t try too hard to look a certain way or make your kids look a certain way because you saw it on Instagram of Pinterest. Ultimately, these portraits are being created to reflect your personality and your kids’ personality. What you saw on Pinterest will not matter to anyone in a few years, but seeing the beautiful portraits of the people you love, hanging on your wall in ten years…that’s all that matters.

Don’t forget that we are always happy to help you in the selection process for your wardrobe. We want to make sure you are looking good for your family portraits. And who says it only has to be one wardrobe? Bring as many and let’s have fun!

Franctal Studio creates custom portraits for families and professionals in the Greater Vancouver Area. We are in the business of creating wall art, home furnishings and decor for your home, work, and living spaces. With our custom portraits and art, we etch memories for a lifetime and fill your walls with the reflections of people you love and care about.

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