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The Confident Woman Series 

Join the 4th annual celebration of women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+

Join us on a mission to shine light on the accomplishment and beauty of 50 amazing women over 40 —like you — all around Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. It’s your time to be celebrated, to honour your life journey and story, and see yourself in a new light. Because you are powerful, resilient and unstoppable – you deserve to see yourself as just that.

we are celebrating 50 fabulous40plus women this year. how would you like to be one of them?
What’s your story? It’s time to celebrate YOU!

Much of the world has yet to notice the grace and strength of a woman over forty. But we do. We see your beauty, your achievements and celebrate your resilience every day. Your amazing story through life’s journeys, your kindness and deep love for others. And in the rarest of moments, we catch a glimpse of that desire to fall in love with yourself again and see yourself how others see you.

Who are you? What brings you joy? How do you want the world to see you in this glorious season of life? The answers are what makes you beautiful, and it’s how your loved ones see you.


It’s about so much more than just “taking pretty pictures.” My hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself and see your beauty the way others already see you. Show that feminine strength and beauty only blossoms with age. Tell your story about what it means to be a woman who is advancing in age, in today’s world.


To embrace every freckle, line and scar no matter their age, shape or size.

To learn to love the reflection looking back at them in the mirror.

Honour and capture this stage in their life in a meaningful way

Re-write their perception of self and see themselves differently

Re-write their story, beyond being a wife, mum, friend, etc

Take power back into their life by giving themselves a sense of agency that asserts who they are through seeing themselves in a new way. To stand in their own power as a truly confident woman; confident in her body.

Do something nice for themselves

Take a moment to breathe and just be, away from everyday hustle and bustle, and make space for to celebrate their achievements

Share their story to inspire other women. Help them realize their potential by stepping out of the shadows. (It’s so important that we take back our stories from societal stereotypes by showing beautiful everyday women)

Inspire others on what it means to be a woman in today’s world.

Re-introduce themselves to the world

What Does It Include?

Personalized Styling and Concept Consultation

We will meet at the studio or in the comfort of your home to plan your entire experience and everything you need to know before your big day! You will be able to select out of so many luxurious studio outfits.

Professional Hairstyling + Makeup Artistry

We work with some of the most talented and professional artists in Vancouver to ensure that everything suits you; and you will look and feel amazing.

Complimentary access to studio glam outfits

We have an array of couture, one-of-a-kind dresses, in many sizes so you will be sure to find something perfect for you. We have also partnered with a Vancouver designer to bring their hand selected luxury and regal outfits for you to use.

A luxurious Portrait experience

You will not have to worry about not feeling “photogenic” or “good for the camera”. You will receive posing coaching and guidance, and have me as your personal cheerleader and hype person. We will take all the time we need to create the most flattering portraits of you. Do it all by yourself: Choose boudoir, glamour, branding or everything. Bring along your partner, child(ren), pet(s) to join in for some photographs together, at no extra cost.


You will be able to select your absolutely favourite photographs and order them as you wish. Don’t worry all your photographs are masterfully finished. You will have the option to order from our collection of luxury albums, printboxes and our popular wall art collections, as well as complimentary corresponding digital files provided at no extra cost.

Your ticket to the Exclusive Gala

Our annual gala features a portrait exhibition, unveiling of the Confident Woman amagzine 3.0 and a celebration of the resilience, strength and stories of all participants.

Your Feature in The Confident Woman Magazine

Yo uwill be able to share you story of becoming and overcoming in the popular TCW Magazine. Because the world needs to hear your story, we are distributing the TCW magazines to exclusive locations where your story can inspire younger women and our community at large. You will receive a copy of the magazine as well. You will also be featured in blog posts, social media posts, videos and more to share your story and inspire other women.

Don't do this alone!

Transoformational Portrait Experiences and celebrations like this are way more fun when you do it with friends. Invite your friends for their own experience and you both will receive a $100 Portrait Credit towards your session.

Let’s talk: Complete the form below or give Caroline (778 852 0140) a call to book your spot!
Love . Life . Legacy
Love . Life . Legacy

Let’s get started

Watch video highlights from the 2022 Finale Gala 

Watch video highlights from the 2021 Finale Gala 

Watch Evelyn share her experience

Watch Leslie share her Portrait Experience

Watch Rosie share her WHY

What other Fabulous40plus women are saying…

- Kim D.

- BobbiJo R.

- Kathy S.

Caroline let me through every single phase of the preparation as if I was the only person she needed to spend time with. I never felt rushed, alone, or overwhelmed. The information that was shared with me about the shoot was incredibly helpful and true to what the experience was.

The day of the shoot was easy. Much easier than I thought it would be. Getting my hair and makeup done was a treat that I recommend to everyone. It was the perfect way to get me in the right frame of mind for the shoot. Caroline’s studio is bright and colourful, just like her photos. The poses were sometimes challenging but Caroline was so patient and showed me everything to change and do. PLUS she encouraged me to have fun. And I did! I felt so comfortable posing that the time flew by! I couldn’t believe when it was over. I wanted to keep going and do more and more and more!

Once I saw the final product, I was not disappointed. Caroline has an incredible eye for composition and colour. My portraits are something I will cherish forever. I can’t believe its me!

If you have the opportunity to do a shoot with Caroline, take it! You won’t be sorry.

- Tamara D.


We welcome sponsors, collaborators and contributors to feature in our Portrait Sessions, Magazine and Exhibition Event. Are you a local business owner, designer, or creator and you would love to showcase your work in the portrait sessions or magazine?

We welcome the support or small businesses and corporations to our party with a purpose. Not only will you be supporting all the amazing Fabuous40Plus Women, we will be raising funds to support a charity organization in our community voted upon by all women.