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Celebrating Vancouver's Fabulous50plus women

A Portrait Special for You!

Join me on a mission… Let’s shine a light on the accomplishments, wisdom and beauty of amazing women over 50 —like you — all around Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. It's time for you to be celebrated!

Celebrate YOU!

Much of the world has yet to notice the grace and strength of a woman over fifty. But we do. We see your beauty, your achievements and celebrate your resilience every day. Your amazing story through life's journeys, your kindness and deep love for others. And in the rarest of moments, we catch a glimpse of that desire to fall in love with yourself again and see yourself how others see you.
Now we want you to see something. To see you just as you are - "unapologetically beautiful". ✨

Isn’t it time you see it too? You are relevant! You are powerful! You are wise! You have enormous strength!


Who are you? What brings you joy? How do you want the world to see you in this glorious season of life? The answers are what makes you beautiful, and it’s how your loved ones see you.

In front of my camera, I’ll show you that you are beautiful without measure.  Beautiful in a timeless, ageless way. Beautiful in your present and in all that your future holds. Be unapologetically beautiful.

The Experience

It's all about you! Come experience a VIP Celebrity experience because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

For $349 special you will receive a total value of over $625, which includes:

Studio Visit & Styling consultation

Tell me your story, and let's explore how you’d like to be photographed.  I will help you coordinate your clothing and jewelry options to ensure gorgeous photographs every time. You can bring up to five outfits for different looks. You're welcome to use studio outfits and accessories. Studio is located in Fleetwood, Surrey.

Professional hair styling and makeup

My  incredibly talented hair and makeup artists will work with you to achieve the look you want.  From natural simplicity to full on glamour or intimate portraits, we have you covered!

Magazine-style Portrait Session

You don’t have to be a model to look like one!  You will be expertly guided through flattering poses that will bring out all of your best features.  You will look and feel like a supermodel for a day!

In-Person Reveal & Ordering

After your session, you’ll be back to see the amazing results of your session - you in a new light. Be ready to ooh and aah over your portraits; and order the ones you love. You will receive a complimentary matted portrait with your order or $250 towards portrait collections.Your portraits will become a part of your treasured keepsakes and legacy.

In addition, you can choose (optional) to share your story:

  • Be featured in a blog post and on Franctal Studio social media platforms
  • Join the exclusive Facebook community of the amazing women who are 50+, fabulous and rocking it.
  • Be invited to a special celebration with a portrait exhibition (subject to covid-19 guidelines)
  • Be featured in The Confident Woman magazine: a signature magazine that will be created exclusively for all the Fab50 women

 Let's talk: Complete the form below: we'll explain the process in detail and answer all your questions.

It's time to fall in love with yourself again!

Let's get started!


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