We’ll miss being Franctal Studio. We hope you join us in getting used to being called Studio Belle. Come along with us www.studiobelle.ca

Pre-Bundled Collections

We have worked with a variety of clients with different tastes and budgets. This suggested Pre-bundled investments have been created out of what we’ve seen clients order over the years. We have curated an amazing collection of quality art pieces from Italy and Canada. You will find exquisite handcrafted Albums, elegant Portfolio Boxes and timeless Matted Prints. You will be introduced to our finely detailed Wall Portraits that are valuable adjuncts to your home and wall spaces.

Make sure you check out the pre-payment bonuses.

All prices are subject to change without notice

Our collections are made up of 3 primary types of keepsakes that can be personalized in so many ways. Check out the wall art collections and other portrait bundle options with your choice of album and story boxes. The additional credit in the portrait bundles can be applied to wall art pieces of your choice, as well as other keepsakes. Pre-pay a collection within 2 weeks of booking your session and choose between a 10% added value or a number of bonuses.

wall art pieces

Experience the artistic and minimalistic design of acrylic and metallic finish wall art pieces mounted on your choice of monoblock panel.  Sizes smaller than 20 inches long are only available as part of a wall art collection. This clean design features high quality archival production – they are waterproof and transform your portraits into vibrant, stunning wall art pieces in your home. Watermarked corresponding digital files for social media sharing is provided with each wall art

keepsake albums

Our heirloom albums are available in a vegan leather (leatherette) and linen finish.  They are good options when you want all your portraits in one place and you know you are going to want to pick it up again and again and share with friends and family. The quality finish will stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come even with repeated handling. Each heirloom album contains a minimum of 16 portraits. Upgrade to velvet or crystal block covers or dazzle with our glam collection. All albums are accompanied by watermarked corresponding digital files for social media sharing.

story boxes

Our story boxes comprise your choice of matted prints and/or digital files. Matted prints are preserved and can be displayed at the same time in this handcrafted box handmade in Italy. The classic mini-box fits 7+ portraits and the reveal folio box is complimentary with 16+ portraits. Bundles 7+ are accompanied by watermarked corresponding digital files for social media sharing.  Our portfolio boxes are often referred to as the ‘lose album’.  Display your portraits on shelves or mantel in your home and change them out from time to time. You may also gift portraits from your box to family members and friends.


Our most popular wall art collections are the 3-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece wall art collections, all starting at 2595. They are the perfect fit to decorate your home, living and/or office spaces and can be adjusted to the size of your wall. During your design consultation at your session, we will help you find the perfect collection for your wall, no matter the size.  All wall art collections can be adapted with water-proof metals that will decorate bathrooms and moisture-prone areas.

This 3-piece wall art collections are great for side wall or narrower spaces.

4-piece wall art collections are great over a couch or headboard. It can also be turned around to fit a narrower wall. 

5-piece wall art collections are also great over a couch or headboard. 


You already have access to our entire studio wardrobe and props, but sometimes we love to take it a notch higher.

These add-on sets require special set ups and much more time. You can request to add-on any of these sets to your session. Make sure you request before the day of your session. Each add-on set is $190+GST. They’re also available as bonuses to pre-paid sessions.

Shower Set

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be getting wet! Only gorgeous shower photographs guaranteed

Flower Bed

No flowers spared; we’ll be bringing out our entire studio stash for this and we’ll let you in on how we create this gorgeous flower bed. Did someone say Bed of Roses?

Tulle Pool

All you need to do is name your favourite colour combinations and we’ll make it happen. It’s fluffy heaven with our tulle pool.

Fantasy Portraits

This is what dreams are made up of…use the slider to see how we transform a stunning glamour portrait into something even more dreamy. Fantasy portraits are free with the purchase of any size wall art piece

Portrait collections

Most of our clients purchase the Flirt, PinUp or Siren Collections. Most collections have additional credit included. This credit can be used towards any add-on keepsakes listed below or towards wall art pieces. 


Perks & Bonuses

Our goal is to create a confident rich environment where you can truly let your unique beauty shine. We will create the best photographs of you…they will be so good that you will want them all. And that’s great, because the more you buy, the more you save. The highlighted collections below are pre-payment levels for bonuses and may differ from your final order.  Pre-payment perks are applicable even when you’re still deciding what your final art pieces will be. They are applied based on your pre-payment amount.


All pre-paid collections are applied as credit towards your final order and must be paid no later than 2 weeks before your session to have the perks applied.


Once you choose your collection and earn your bonus perks, we will set you up with your personalized account to schedule your payment(s) before your session.

Earn bonuses on your prepaid value. Bonuses are attributed based on the final amount due on your invoice when there have been savings of any kind. Explore your bonus options below:

For the financing option, please check out what you qualify for before your session. All you need to do is complete your details in the link below. Approval is within a few minutes and you will know how much you prequalify for. We can then make choices for your payment term .


Got extra credit? Use it towards any add-on keepsake for your session. Wall Art pieces remain our most popular add-ons. Nothing beats waking up to your portrait everyday.


Choose your style, sizes and finish for your wall art pieces. You will be introduced to our finely detailed Wall Portraits that are valuable adjuncts to your home and wall spaces. Handmade in Italy.

  • X-Large: 9000
  • Large: 4500
  • Medium-2: 3240
  •  Medium-1: 2250
  •  Small: 1440
  •  X-Small: 935 (2 pieces min.)


For the financing option, please check out what you qualify for before your session. All you need to do is complete your details in the link below. Approval is within a few minutes and you will know how much you prequalify for. We can then make choices for your payment term .

langley photography studio


A minimum order requirement paid before your session applies to all session types. Please note that the first payment of your plan is required to start your pre-payment plan. Balance divided over equal payments; must start at least 30 days prior to desired session date; for best results, start the plan at least 3 months before your session. Your choice of one-time payment, monthly, or bi-weekly payment is applied. Payments are non-refundable and two valid credit/debit cards are required to be on file for auto-withdrawals. All pre-payments must be completed three week prior to session to be valid for bonuses. Payment plans are not available once your session is done. Extra savings on a la carte cannot be applied to other promotional discounts or gift certificate print credit.


Should I pre-pay or wait till the day of my session?

Most of our clients that pre-pay for their session have their eyes on the additional bonuses that come with pre-paying. Pre-paying a collection does not mean you can’t change your mind later. Most people still upgrade on the day of their session because they love way more photographs than they anticipated.

I'm not sure what option to choose.

That’s totally ok. There’s no rush to choose at this point. Some of our clients wait till the day of their session and choose their favourite photographs, then we can figure which collection that fits into or you can purchase a la carte as well.

How many photographs can I get

We’ve had clients buy up to 80-90 photographs from their session. Most people are happy with 15 to 45 photographs. The number of photographs you purchase is totally up to you. A rule of thumb for most clients is that they tend to choose between 6-10 photographs from each outfit/set.

How do the payment plans work?

We have an option for in-house flexible payment plan as well as a financing option. Flexible payment option lasts up to 5 months. Financing is an interest-based option that is a much more long term plan that allows to you spread payments up to 36 months and in some cases 60 months.

When will my photographs be ready?

All orders are processed immediately following your session so that your digital files are available within 2 weeks of your session and your art pieces will be ready between 4 to 8 weeks of your session. Premium processing is available on request.

Do you instruct for posing?

I do not expect you to be models, so it’s no surprise that most of us may feel awkward in front of the camera. Do not worry, your session will be fully guided with posing directions, even up to expressions. Your photographs will be created to suit your body type and size. It is a lot of fun.

How do I prepare for my session?

It is my job to ensure your session is effrotless and fun. Bring outfit options that you love and feel good in. Some of our clients have shown up and simply trusted us with all the props and outfits in the studio and they totally rocked it. Your experience is less about outfits and more about celebrating you. You only need to show up and trust the process.

Do you retouch our photographs?

Every photography you choose is masterfully retouched and hand-edited for its purpose to suit your style and preferences. I love bringing you along in the creative process.

Complimentary high-end fine art retouching is included for wall art pieces

Can we bring our pets to a portrait session?

Absolutely! Pets are always a part of us, our family. You’re welcome to bring your pets. Please remember to mention this during your consultation so we can plan in advance, depending on what animal it is.

How do I know which products are best for me?

Great question! You do not have to worry, this is where I really shine – helping my clients to figure out what works best for them. Imagine your lifestyle and how you intend to be able to wake up to these photographs so that they are a reminder of why yo did this session. There’s no right or wrong option. We have thoughtfully curated all our art pieces to ensure you can maximize their value. I can even help you see your art directly on your wall – there is no guessing game here for size. Super cool, eh?


What People are Saying

I have always wanted to get a sensual glamorous photo shoot. I was so happy to run into a post from Caroline for Birthday photo shoot. I had seen photos before but wasn’t sure what was involved. After my consultation all my questions were answered and I was so excited, especially knowing that everything was getting taken care of and all I had to do was show up.
My makeup , hair and all the wardrobe was getting provided. I picked my actual birthday for the photo shoot so that just made it extra special. From the min I walked in I was made felt very comfortable. I don’t get professional makeup done but Nicole made me feel at ease and she used colors etc that I wanted. And then Caroline started to create the magic. She made the entire experience so at ease and I really enjoyed myself. All the poses she asked to do came naturally. My fantasy to be in front of Lights Camera looking fabulous and glamorous came true and this was all possible through Franctal Studio.
After the shoot came the moment of truth. I was shocked at who was in front of me. The photos looked amazing. The best part was that Caroline made me feel so comfortable that the real me had no problem shinning through. Think we woman need to have this experience at least once in our life time. My mantra has been to experience the best life possible and to get out of my comfort zone. This photo shoot with Caroline gave me both. Thank you so much for making me look and feel like a queen on my birthday. My heart is full of gratitude for you.

Radha R.

I won a boudoir photoshoot voucher recently and this was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time! I was so uncomfortable and nervous at the beginning although I was also excited because I had always wanted to do this. From the first phone call, Caroline walked me through all the details and when we met in person at her studio, that was even way better because she took the time to listen to what I wanted and helped me choose my outfits. I really felt heard and that helped me so much, going into the actual photoshoot day. From makeup to the shoot to choosing my photos and personalizing my album – it was just amazing. Caroline is a lot of fun and the makeup artist is awesome as well. The atmosphere was super positive and uplifting. I felt so good seeing the photos on the same day. I was like wow – is that me? I knew I was going to be spending good money going into this when I saw photos of other women, but the results were so much more than what I expected my photos to look like. Coming from a place of never liking myself in photos to seeing this beautiful photos of this woman that happens to be me, I happily upgraded my album and I can’t wait to finally receive it. I will happily recommend Franctal Studio to my friends. I might still have done a boudoir shoot at some point but winning the voucher was definitely helpful. It helped me save some money.

Beth R

I just completed my glamour photo shoot it was an amazing experience. I have always hated getting my picture taken and was very worried about this before my session. Caroline put me at ease right away with her smile and understanding of my situation. During the photo shoot Caroline and her team made me put me at ease and I felt amazing. My new photos allow me to see the beauty I have that others could see but I could not. I would highly recommend Franctal Studios to anyone looking for any type of photo shoot.

Barbara S.

Franctal Studio, owned by Caroline has been incredible professional and supportive to make me able to define the details of my session and my outcomes. The whole process is very well structured and designed to help us to make the right decisions. I started planning things that I’d never thought I could plan as a planning and busy woman. The preparation was key and the food for thoughts as well. All fears and concerns were solved before the session. And what to say about the sessions…
better than I expected. I felt very comfortable during the session and I really had fun. My ideas and concepts were captured and translated to the process during the session.
I was excited with the planning phase, worried about the details, including the balloons for my birthday shots and I was most excited about message I was planning to print in the photos including life celebration, woman empowerment, happiness, success, professional fulfillment, etc. It was great experience to celebrate my current phase and feelings at life and my milestone birthday. I definitely would refer Caroline-Franctal Studio to my friends and whoever wants to do something for yourself as an expressions of life celebration. Highly recommend. Thank you Caroline.

Carol M

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