Carefully Curated Collections of

Art Pieces

to display and preserve your portraits.

We have curated an amazing collection of quality art pieces from Italy to Canada.You will find exquisite handcrafted Albums, elegant Portfolio Boxes and timeless Matted Prints. You will be introduced to our finely detailed Wall Portraits that are valuable adjuncts to your home and wall spaces.

Create your own package by mixing the a la carte options. Make sure you check out the pre-payment bonuses.

Keepsake story boxes


Our story boxes comprise your choice of matted prints and/or digital files. Matted prints are preserved and can be displayed at the same time in this handcrafted box handmade in Italy. The classic mini-box fits 7+ portraits and the reveal folio box is complimentary with 16+ portraits. Bundles 7+ are accompanied by watermarked corresponding digital files for social media sharing.  Our portfolio boxes are often referred to as the ‘lose album’.  Display your portraits on shelves or mantel in your home and change them out from time to time. You may also gift portraits from your box to family members and friends.

35-portrait box  | 5390 * (save 7060)

25-portrait box  | 4390 *(save 4560) –most popular

16-portrait box  | 3190 (save 2410)

7-portrait minibox  | 2190 (save 350)

Choose between matted (black & white or mounted photographs)

*Add-on Custom Colour 250; Add-on 5-value image bundled  for 500

Bespoke Albums

Starting at 3190 . Available in multiple sizes

Our heirloom albums are available in a vegan leather (leatherette) and linen finish.  They are good options when you want all your portraits in one place and you know you are going to want to pick it up again and again and share with friends and family. The quality finish will stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come even with repeated handling. Each heirloom album contains a minimum of 16 portraits. Upgrade to velvet or crystal block covers or dazzle with our glam collection. All albums are accompanied by watermarked corresponding digital files for social media sharing.

45-portrait album | 6390 * (save 9560)

35-portrait album | 5390 * (save 7060)-most popular

25-portrait album  | 4390 * (save 4560)

16-portrait album   | 3190* (save 2410)

*Add-on 5 portraits for 500 (can only be added to 25 plus-portrait album)

* Duplicate Album as Gifts, only 1500

*Upgrade to enclosed album +250

*Upgrade to the premium crystal collection with engraving +350

PAINTED Portraits

Starting at 6450. Custom sizes up to 60 inches

Enjoy your choice of beautiful handcrafted digital or oil paintings just like the classic portraits of old, without having to sit long endless hours. Your one-of-a-kind art piece will be finished with unique oil painting, intricately designed even to the eye lash, acrylic brushstrokes are then applied to preserve them and custom framed in the highest quality mouldings fit for truly classical painting. Only available in custom sizes starting at 20 inches wide.

Save 10% on digital painting. Limited offer. Check Terms and Conditions. 

Custom-Framed Wall Portraits

Starting at 935. Custom sizes available up to 120 inches

With high-definition printing and acid-free production, your portrait is framed with gorgeous mouldings, handmade in Italy and perfectly flattering for your images.  Sizes smaller than 20 inches long are only available as part of a wall art collection. They are protected by shatter-resistant crystal covering rendering it virtually glare-free and will filter UV rays, protecting your art work for decades to come. Custom framed wall art pieces are also available with giclee canvas for the old masters portrait feel. Watermarked corresponding digital files for social media sharing is provided with each wall art.

Crystal/Metal Wall Art Pieces

Starting at 935 . Custom sizes available up to 60 inches

Experience the artistic and minimalistic design of acrylic and metallic finish wall art pieces mounted on your choice of monoblock panel.  Sizes smaller than 20 inches long are only available as part of a wall art collection. This clean design features high quality archival production – they are waterproof and transform your portraits into vibrant, stunning wall art pieces in your home. Watermarked corresponding digital files for social media sharing is provided with each wall art

Digital Collections

Starting at 2190  

Digital Photographs for all your marketing needs, from billboards, to business cards and social media to editorial materials. We will create images that will make an impact and express your brand personality. All purchased photographs will be retouched and provided as high solution digitals for web and print use. Each digital file begins at 350 and collection rates are listed below. Special rates available for master art retouching.

35-digital portrait collection  | 5390 * (save 7060)

25-digital portrait collection  | 4390 * (save 4560)

16-digital portrait collection  | 3190 (save 2410)

7- digital portrait collection  | 2190 (save 210)

*Add-on 5 digital images for 500 (can only be added to 25plus)


Beautiful Savings & Bonuses

Our goal is to create a confident rich environment where you can truly let your unique beauty shine. We will create the best photographs of you…they will be so good that you will want them all. And that’s great, because the more you buy, the more you save. The highlighted collections below are pre-payment levels for bonuses and may differ from your final order.  Pre-payment perks are applicable even when you’re still deciding what your final art pieces will be. They are applied based on your pre-payment amount.


All pre-paid collections are applied as credit towards your final order and must be paid no later than 3 weeks before your session to have the perks applied.


Once you choose your collection and earn your bonus perks, we will set you up with your personalized account to schedule your payment(s) before your session.

Earn bonuses on your prepaid value. Bonuses are attributed based on the final amount due on your invoice when there have been savings of any kind. Explore your bonus options below:

For the financing option, please check out what you qualify for before your session. All you need to do is complete your details in the link below. Approval is within a few minutes and you will know how much you prequalify for. We can then make choices for your payment term .


**upgrade to black metallic album cover

*upgrade to velvet & crystal album cover

*Custom Colour Italian Storybox

Custom Crystal Storybox

Mounted FullSpec 10-inch Prints

** Only applicable with ordering black label collections  | *only applicable with ordering 25+ portraits


A minimum order requirement paid before your session applies to all session types. Please note that the first payment of your plan is required to start your pre-payment plan. Balance divided over equal payments; must start at least 30 days prior to desired session date; for best results, start the plan at least 3 months before your session. Your choice of one-time payment, monthly, or bi-weekly payment is applied. Payments are non-refundable and two valid credit/debit cards are required to be on file for auto-withdrawals. All pre-payments must be completed three week prior to session to be valid for bonuses. Payment plans are not available once your session is done. Extra savings on a la carte cannot be applied to other promotional discounts or gift certificate print credit.