Knowing what session type is most ideal for you will take many factors into consideration. The most important factors would be what exactly we’re trying to achieve, your style, taste and budget.

Every session is custom designed to suit your needs. And that is our ultimate goal. Our signature process helps you to enjoy the moment and feel special.

Whether in business or life, we support you to tell stories that are important to you in ways that help you build relevance and legacy.  Helping people feel great about showing up in the world and having photographs they are proud to share and love – that’s our goal for you!

Now that we’ve established what you need to achieve with your session, we can losely classify the types of sessions we do into 3 depending on how much time investment you require and what the end results will be. All sessions include access to our extensive wardrobe of couture robes and outfits.

 Individual Portrait Pieces start at 300, Collections start at 1870 and Wall Art pieces start at 750. All gift certificates, flexible payment plans are applicable towards custom and extended sessions only.