Our room view feature is live!

We are so excited to share this new and interesting feature with you all. We recently upgraded and procured software that enables us to be able to create your wall art virtually and show you exactly what they will look like even before they go into production.

An arrangement of custom framed family portraits

Living room display for Family Portraits

You will now be able to compare different sizes of wall portraits and know exactly how they fit on your wall during your reveal/ordering appointment. There will no longer be guessing games on the appropriate size of art for your wall and you no longer need to go out of your way to look for meter rules to measure your wall . You will also be able to see different options of images created for your hand make better decisions on what you will love to see on your wall.

Living room display for Family Portraits 2

You will be able to send in pictures of exact areas in your homes and these pictures will be sent into our software. Then we will mount your portraits virtually on your own wall.

Dining room display for Family Portraits

Schedule a complimentary pre-session consultation today to see how we can create this for your family.