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Fabulous50Plus Portrait Special featuring Linda Clement

_____ Linda is a parenting coach and author. She also does public speaking and editing. She was a former professional softball umpire, and long time La Leche League Canada volunteer.  She loves to draw and paint for fun, and some of her favourite things to do are cooking, eating and travelling. She savours being outdoors and has been a water baby her whole life. Linda has faced her own fair share of life’s challenges. In her mid-teens, her plans for […]

Fabulous50Plus Portrait Special featuring Michelle Poulsen

_____ Michelle works at BC Children\’s Hospital for two Otolaryngologists (Head and neck surgeons). She plays Volley Ball twice a week in the fall and winter season and on the beach during spring and summer – adding in some slow pitch as well. In good weather, you will find her biking about 24km four times a week, and walking with weights and her chocolate lab.   She also enjoys hiking, kayaking and watching her 3 boys do their activities. At […]

Vancouver’s Fabulous50Plus featuring Trudy Potgieter

Trudy enjoys yoga, walking and trying to eat to stay healthy and fit. She works in a clerical position. Some of her most challenging times have come when she first immigrated from her home country of South Africa and falling on hard times. Seeing her mother killed was one of her hardest memories. At 64, she is motivated by always being positive and seeing the glass half full. She believes in getting up, getting dressed and getting on with it! […]

Vancouver’s Fabulous50plus featuring Bernadette Saville

Bernie is a health care worker and also a gym rat who loves spending time with family and friends. Her daughter, Camilla  is her motivator because she works hard, has a family and still makes time for herself. Just watching Camilla makes her want to push herself to be better. When her daughter was born and she was alone, she almost felt like she wanted to die but her daughter  gave her the strength to overcome all the fears of […]

Beautiful Family pictures by Franctal Studio: Top Photographer serving Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam and throughout the lower Mainland

It’s fall already? You gotta be kidding me! :)

Leaves are changing colour, rains are dripping, fall is creeping on us. The fall season is such a magical time of the year, and I love that it ties with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Halloween and many of the holidays leading to the end of the year.  It’s so good also because families come together at this time – and that always wins the holidays. And if you’re like me, it’s time for some updated family portraits.   I have put […]

Much ado about legacy

Last weekend, I was exhibiting at a beautiful summer fair and as with most fairs, I enjoyed meeting chatting with so many people and showing them the possibilities of what could be theirs. I met with a nice family whose dad thinks they can’t have family portraits created because ‘he’s not a picture person’. I smiled at his words, exchanged all the other nice pleasantries and off they went. In my heart of heart, I really wanted to tell him […]

The Couture Portrait Experience

We are so excited that you have chosen Franctal Studio for your custom portraits and we cannot wait to share our portrait experience with you. A portrait session with Franctal Studio guarantees to be beyond the time you spend in front of our cameras. We engage with you to get to know more about your interests and personality and how these will be incorporated into your portraits. We artistically tell your stories  by capturing your images in settings that are authentic […]

Happy Holidays!

As we wind down the year with the holiday season, we are truly thankful to you for being a part of our joy, and we wish you all the good tidings this season brings. We promise to continue to give you exceptional experiences, iconic family memories and custom portraits to last a lifetime. We are so excited about our offerings for the new year and we cannot wait to share them with you. Please share the good experiences you had […]