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Last weekend, I was exhibiting at a beautiful summer fair and as with most fairs, I enjoyed meeting chatting with so many people and showing them the possibilities of what could be theirs. I met with a nice family whose dad thinks they can’t have family portraits created because ‘he’s not a picture person’. I smiled at his words, exchanged all the other nice pleasantries and off they went.

In my heart of heart, I really wanted to tell him more beyond those smiles. All I really wanted to say to him is ‘it’s not about you’. The photographs we create today, of our families are not really about today. They might be appreciated in the moment but in truth, they don’t become important today. It’s about tomorrow….it’s about 10…30…50 years from now. It’s about your children and great grandchildren…it’s also about the days when we’re not here anymore.

In a few days, it will be the eighteenth anniversary of my father’s passing. From the stories I heard about him, I strongly doubt that he was a picture person but I am very thankful that whether or not he enjoyed his photographs being taken in those moments, I still have them. I have learned to know more about him from the few photographs of him that I have. I recognize him more from those photographs than the actual memories of him that I have. I see love in his eyes, carrying me as an eight-day old baby, and some of those photographs were probably the business headshots of his days. They are all in our family album and they tell me more stories about him than I knew before.

Photographs of the people we love will outlast many material things we possess. This is why I want to ensure that your investment in your portraits today, is an investment into stories that will last a lifetime for you to enjoy, and also for generations after you to treasure. Whether it’s a jaw dropping, show stopping wall art piece hanging in your home, or a family album that’s a memory keeper and the conversation piece in your living space, my goal is to preserve and document stories for you with conservation pieces that endure advancement in technology and become a part of your family heirloom. 

You are important, you are incredibly valuable and full of worth. Your stories deserve to be told and you need to exist in photographs, not just for today but for many many days to come.

When was the last time you had your portraits created? Let\’s rectify that and save one more legacy LOL! Schedule a complimentary consultation today. Give Caroline a call – 778 852 0140 or Start here: https://franctal.com/booksession/