We are open! Scheduling your portrait session with new guidelines.

We are following all stipulated guidelines to ensure your safety during and after your portrait session.

Changes to our process

First, let me re-asssure you that nothing is changing about making sure that your sessions are seamless and still just as much fun as they would have been pre-pandemic. You are still taken care of every step of the way – I am committed to making it a really memorable portrait experience for you. We are only achieving this aim in a slightly different way.

  • You can now choose for  your design and style appointments to be scheduled virtually. What that means is tat you get to remain in your pyjamas in the comfort of your home, wine in hand, LOL! and plan your session. One of the fun parts of this is that I can now shop your wardrobe directly to help you find the perfect outfits for your session. I can also take a look at your home decor to and make recommendations on how best to decorate your home with your portraits. How amazing!!
  • Portrait sessions are now being scheduled fro June and throughout the summer. In order to ensure all social distancing measures, the number of daily sessions will reduce but we\’ve got more session dates open to take care of that.
  • Your ordering appointments can also be  held in the comfort of your home as well – of course, virtually. Everything remains the same.
  • All art pieces that have been ordered are being delivered in the safest ways possible. While our lead times may change slightly. All your art pieces are receiving the same amount of care and dedication to producing the best quality heirloom pieces for you. All final portrait collection orders will be shipped free ?or hand-delivered with porch delivery or other social distancing methods?? Terms & Conditions Apply?

Keeping you safe

  • As many of you know, I operate a private residential studio so keeping you safe is a no-brainer. LOL! Our photography studio will be cleaned and sanitized prior to you coming to your appointment.  As is our custom, all sessions are by appointment only.
  • All surfaces will be sanitized (ie: doorknobs, railings, chairs, coat racks, wardrobe racks, steamer, counter tops etc). 
  • My team and I will be washing our hands consistently and sanitizing in between clients. We will be taking further steps to reduce the number of daily appointments to allow enough time to sanitize surfaces and equipment.
  • All studio wardrobe will be steamed and isolated upon each use. 
  • We will be wearing our beautiful adornments: gloves, masks and even face shields on some occasions (especially for makeup and hairstyling). Hairstyling and make up services will be provided only when absolutely necessary. Our artistes will be on standby to guide you in applying your own makeup when possible and by your preference.
  • In order to abide by the law of the Provincial Health Officer and the Professional Photographers Associations of Canada and America (PPOC, PPA), we will be performing Social Distancing and maintain a 2 meter distance at all times (before during and after the photo shoot). You will still be fully guided in your session and posing, with “no touch” methods.
  • We will be scheduling more sessions outside as much as possible. And that’s not an issue for us at all, since we love to photograph you in nature anywhere and it’s so beautiful outside.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing soap will be made available to you in the studio, and on-location for outdoor sessions.

How we need you to help us keep you safe

  • We will be asking screening questions prior to your session to make sure you have not been in contact with someone sick recently
  • We’re asking that you please reschedule your session if you have any minor cold, cough symptoms. Rescheduling will be at no charge to you.
  • Only persons participating in the session will be allowed in studio. 
  • Please make sure the wardrobe you bring to our studio has all been freshly washed or steamed the night before.
  • Please make sure you have sanitized your garment bags ie. sprayed the inside and out with a product such as Lysol and that all zippers/buttons have been sanitized too. 
  • If you need to cough or sneeze at any time while at our studio please warn everyone present. cover up properly with your elbow/arm and then wash your hands immediately. (We will of course do the same)
  • While in the studio, we will be requesting for you to leave outside shoes in a designated spot and only clean shoes that you will be wearing for your session will be worn inside the studio

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call 778 852 0140 (Caroline) or send an email.

So let’s get started with planning your portrait session – schedule a quick phone consult with me by clicking the button below.