OMG! You are going to be a senior. Congratulations on this achievement. We do not take this milestone lightly at all and we totally want to celebrate you.

Our premier exclusive senior model program seeks to select only a few high school seniors to be part of our creative adventure. Selected senior models will have the opportunity to represent Franctal Studio Inc. in their respective schools as well as be treated to a variety of fun activities and several photo sessions.

Here are over ten reasons why you will be incredibly happy to be a part of our exclusive team:

  1. You will enjoy multiple stylized team portrait sessions and hangouts, throughout the year.
  2. You will receive free professional headshots, useful for yearbook, college applications as well as professional networking sites.
  3. You will be involved in planning and creation of team and individual signature sessions. Together we will discuss ideas that would help us create amazing portraits of you in a unique theme or location.
  4. You will earn some extra cash. For every friend or referral you send to us you, will receive a $30 cash in appreciation of your business. You will receive this after their session is complete.
  5. As our representative you will receive free digital images from group sessions on a personalized gallery that you will share with friends on social media.
  6. You will be treated to a spa day – includes facials and spray tan.
  7. You will receive a special BFF session with you and two of your best friends.
  8. Your family will receive a free Family Portrait Session: After graduation you will be going away to college or starting a new job. This is the perfect time to have a family portrait session. Your family will receive a free portrait session to be held in the month of June or July.
  9. You will receive 25 graduation announcement cards.
  10. You will be invited to attend our exclusive team party. This will be an evening of celebrating you in a fine-dining restaurant, featuring red-carpet and photo station.
  11. You will receive professional hair styling and makeup for your individual portrait session
  12. Your portraits from all sessions will be added to your portfolio and made available at your viewing and ordering session.
  13. You get to go through our couture portrait experience.

We know you cannot wait to be a part of this program. So here’s what you need to do:

  1. As one of our high school senior representatives you should be outgoing and willing to promote our studio.
  2. You will be required to attend a team signing hangout with your parents.
  3. You should be able to recommend other students that would benefit from participating in this program or would just love for us to create their High School Senior Portraits.
  4. Instagram and Snapchat are great places to share your experience. After each session that you participate in we will post our favorite picture on Instagram. We would like you to share these pictures with all of your friends and family. You will also receive images from your team sessions to share on social media.
  5. You should be willing to have fun and suggest ideas to create the best portraits for you.

You should submit an application TODAY! Application closes by midnight on 15th March 2018. We cannot wait to have you on board!