Before now, I would be anxious when I received an email or notification that a platform or social media channel I belonged to was updating their privacy policy. Thing is most of us never even read those privacy policies because we have simply given up. We know that the digital world wants our data and lives by it. But don’t fret. This is different.The question never ceases to come up occasionally about how we use our clients’ images. In the past year, we have been actively trying to build our business and establish a solid foundation. As a result, showcasing out work on social media was of paramount importance to us. But we could not deny the fact that putting up images of our clients on social media is not something we are quick to do. It has strictly been out of necessity. While all of our clients have given us consent to do this, it did not totally align with the experience we sought to create for our customers neither did it appeal to our personal ideologies.

So what next?

As our client, giving you a custom experience is important to us than showcasing our work on social media. As we continue to grow in our business, we believe that our clients are more powerful in sharing their experiences with loved ones than what showcasing work on social media may give to us. As a result, we are giving you the opportunity to opt out of using your images on certain medium or digital channels that you might not be comfortable with. Henceforth, our contracts are being edited to give options for the medium in which your images may be used for marketing purposes and we are ready to stand by your wishes in that regard. Our commitment is first to you; creating custom portraits for you and your family and we’d love to keep it that way.

So what will happen to sneak peeks? Well, if you’ve noticed most of our sessions have gone on without sneak peeks anyway, so we find it pretty easy to scrap that altogether. Yikes! We know that makes it harder to wait for your images as it makes the suspense grow. But don’t worry, we promise you that the wait will be worth it. Even if you do choose to have your images featured on our social media, we will ensure that your images carry our watermark. This will protect you from anyone appropriating your images for their own use.

Be on the look-out for more exciting things we are introducing this year. We really can’t wait to share them with you so I will give you a clue on what’s next: Rewards! Yeah, for every dollar you spend with us. Oh! Shhhhhhhh…watch out for our next blog post.