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Digital Download/Product Ordering Guide

Hello guys, I decided to put this guide together so that you can have a seamless experience picking out your images and ordering your gift prints, wall arts and other home decor pieces with your images.  No more waiting on CDs or USB drives! Once your session is complete and your images are edited, you will receive a link to your personal online gallery. Your gallery will be available for 10 days. Your gallery link will be accompanied by a custom, one-time use, coupon code for the digital files and/or prints included with your specific package. This code will allow you to "purchase" the items included in your package at no cost at checkout. You will also be able to purchase additional items you might want to have from your gallery.

Let's begin...

The entire process is really simple and this guide is only there to help you in case you get stuck at any point. You will be going through the entire checkout process (just as in any normal checkout process when you make online purchases). You will be able to apply your custom coupon at checkout to cover the cost of the items that are included in your package. You will also be able to make secure payment for any additional items that you will like to purchase.

Please note:

  • The choice of which images from your gallery set you'd like to download as part of your package is 100% your own!
  • You can purchase additional digital images via your gallery gallery at $30.00 per file. This includes the high resolution images with printing rights.
  • High resolution images will not have a watermark on them.
  • There will be no refunds given for digital downloads, once you have completed your order.
  • Your custom coupon code can only be used on time and for the full amount. If you select 10 images, but your package and code is for 20, you cannot go back later and use the same code for the 10 remaining images. The code will have expired. All items included in your package MUST be added to your cart and purchased at the same time. 

Enter log in information you may have been provided with.

Enter log in information you may have been provided with.

Hover over the image you'd like to download and a set of buttons will appear in the top right corner. Select the cart button to add that image to cart.

Scroll through the available purchase options. For digital files, select 'DIGITAL' as shown above. Select the item 'Single Photo Download (High Res)'

Then, use the plus sign to add 1 digital download of the file to your cart. Here, you can also add any additional prints you might want of the selected image to your cart by increasing the quantity in the same way. To select more images, click "Keep Shopping" and repeat the process for selected images. When you are ready to checkout, choose 'View Cart".

If you're ordering bundled print packages, select the bundle you will like to order and add images to your bundle from your gallery. When you are done adding images, you may click "Done"

At checkout, you will see a list of all of the items added to your shopping cart below the order summary which has the full price for your products. Look for 'Apply a coupon' just above your item list.


After your custom coupon has been applied, the price of the items that were included as part of your package will be set to $0.00 and that cost will be removed from your order total. If you have other items in your cart outside of those included in your package, their standard cost will still appear in your summary.


After you have input your billing and shipping information, you may complete your order and make payment for other items that are not covered by your custom coupon.

Finally, simply place your order! For digital downloads, you will receive an email with a link to download you high resolution images directly to your computer. For prints, your order will processed and delivered to you as quick as possible. You will receive order updates through the email address you provided at checkout.

Please do not hesitate to contact the studio, if you run into any issues or have any questions.